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Violet - Crown Chakra- pineal gland, brain, and central nervous system.
Corresponding mineral - Amethyst - treats emotional symptoms and ailments from blood impurities. It is energizing and helps break old behaviour patterns.
Influence on emotions-Violet is the colour of transformation; it can exert strong psychic influences.

Indigo - Third eye- pituitary gland, eyes, nose, ears and skeletal system.
Corresponding mineral - Sodalite, Amethyst- Indigo clears the head, is a strong sedative and regenerates cells.
Influence on emotions - Indigo is associated with the right side of the brain and stimulates the imagination.

Blue - Throat - thyroid gland, upper lungs and respiratory system.
Corresponding Mineral- Sapphire, Aquamarine, Turquoise & Lapis Lazuli -Blue inspires clarity and idealism. Sapphire treats insomnia and engenders compassion for others. Aquamarine aids physical and mental balance.
Influence on emotions- Blue inspires mental control, creativity, and clarity. Light blue gives a sense of security.

Green - Heart, thymus gland, lower lung, circulatory system, and parasympathetic, nervous system.
Corresponding Mineral - Emerald, jade, tourmaline, moss agate - emerald treats weak digestion, colic and skin problems. Jade treats kidneys, bladder and eyes, and promotes clear thinking.
Influence on emotions - Green promotes empathy with others and can be used to combat jealousy and possessiveness.

Yellow - Solar plexus- pancreas, liver, gall bladder, spleen, digestive disorder and nervous system.
Corresponding mineral - Topaz, Citrine, yellow zircon- Topaz treats asthma, laryngitis, fever and exhaustion and nervous trauma. Citrine promotes playfulness.
Influence on emotions - Yellow is uplifting and associated with the intellect and power of self-expression.

Orange- Sacral- reproductive organs, stomach and colon.
Corresponding Mineral -Amber, Topaz- Amber treats rheumatism, asthma, intestinal disorders, and depression, and balances the endocrine system.
Influence on emotions - Orange aids sexual potency, boosts the immune system, and can counter alcoholism.

Red - Base- adrenals, kidneys, muscles and arterial blood.
Corresponding Mineral - Ruby, Garnet, agate, carnelian, coral, Rose Quartz- red stones treat heart disease, circulatory problems, anaemia, and eye disease. Coral treats haemorrhoids, and sexual diseases, and aids meditation. Rose Quartz promotes friendship.
Influence on emotions - Red stimulates vitality and ambition, It can help overcome negative thoughts, but is also associated with anger.